How we work

How we work

This is what happens when you call us…


We conduct a conflict-check and make sure we can handle your case. Being highly specialised in the Life Sciences sector, this is not always easy and we often have to make difficult decisions; but we do it with special care, in good faith, with full transparency, and subject to all applicable rules on professional conduct. We are proud to say that after more than 20 years of practice we have rarely run into a problem because of conflicts.


We also consider whether or not what you expect from us is really within our area of expertise. We aim to deliver value. If we are unable to do so, we can provide you with recommendations of other firms who may take care of your case.


We make sure we can meet your expected timelines. We try hard to accommodate to your needs, but we all have a life outside the firm, and we like to enjoy family, friends and leisure time. Rest assured we’ll be there 24/7 if truly necessary, but this should not be the general rule in all cases. So we will tell you upfront if we cannot meet your expectations.

Who does what

Ours is a firm in which the partners actually do a lot of the work. This includes drafting contracts, and writing memos and pleas. Partners and senior associates are also willing to help junior lawyers when needed. At our firm, a partner will remain primarily responsible for the work and will also have a good knowledge of your dossier.

Quality, efficiency and excellence

We are obsessed with quality, efficiency and excellence. We think there is no other way for a small boutique law firm like ours to compete in the legal services market and be able to work for companies as great as yours. So, we are fully committed to quality, efficiency and excellence, to give the best of our professional expertise and to exercise the due care reasonably expected from us.

Straight and clear

We know you are busy and that you expect us to provide clear and straight advice. We put ourselves in your shoes, and we do our best to deliver true value and avoid loose ends.


We strongly believe that frequent and open communication with anyone who comes to our firm for advice is essential, and that it has to be handled wisely. We agree to follow any reasonable instructions you may give us in this respect. We will also make sure that any work we do for you and any communications we have with you remain protected by privilege under applicable rules on professional conduct.

Fee arrangements

We will work under the fee arrangement agreed with you. Traditionally, professional fees have been calculated on the basis of hourly billing rates. However, our approach to fees is that they are fair if they reflect the value that we are able to deliver to you through our work. We shall be happy to present you with a fee proposal upon request. Fee proposals may take different forms, including eventually a monthly retainer, a cap on fees or a success bonus.

Time-basis: In projects where billing on a time basis is the optimal solution, we will apply our hourly rates which we will communicate to you in a timely manner, making sure that the hours we bill will be both reasonable and necessary for the proper provision of our services.

Efficiency: We know the sector, its rules and its environment. We are capable of getting to the point easily. You will rarely have to pay us to become familiar with the subject matter for which you come to see us.

One + One = One: We do not charge for the time of lawyers who attend meetings together with another lawyer of our firm solely or primarily for the purposes of obtaining information to enable them to work for you later in the case.

Expenses: In our invoices, you will not find a charge for our ordinary operating expenses (such as telephone, copies, or the like). If appropriate, any extraordinary expenses that have been duly justified and agreed with you (such as courier services, translations, outside copying and travel expenses) will be invoiced separately.

Duration of our engagement

We understand that the relationship between our firm and our clients is based on mutual trust. Therefore, you may terminate the engagement at any time for any reason through written notice. We may also decide to terminate the engagement. In any event, we shall always respect all applicable rules of professional conduct and take any steps reasonably practicable to protect your interests. We will also expect you to pay our fees for the work completed up to termination of the engagement or otherwise, as this may be specifically agreed in any individual assignment.

…and this is what we do while you don’t call

We evaluate ourselves

We like to go through a file after we have completed our work. We look back over what we have done and try to evaluate, in a candid and open manner, what we could have done better. There is always something, so we take note and try to keep this in mind for future assignments. We are also happy to receive any input you may wish to share with us.

We keep studying

Life moves fast, and the law and jurisprudence is no exception. Each of our lawyers is expected to spend at least 4 hours a week on studying new laws, legislative initiatives, administrative decisions and judgements, or policy and social issues that might have an impact on pharmaceutical and life science companies. Some weeks we run short of time, but there is always some room for this in the evenings or over the weekend…

We follow you

We believe the more we know about you, the better we can serve your interests, so we follow you. We regularly check your press releases, your communications to the stock market, your profile in social networks, and other sources of public information.

We share

We write articles and books and speak at conferences because we are happy to share our views. This also enables members of our team to gain visibility in front of relevant stakeholders, so we push them to make an effort in this area, and are proud to say they seem to enjoy doing so.

We keep looking to the future

We take care of our team and keep an eye on potential newcomers, so we offer internships to young lawyers and students who show an interest in our practice and who may be the ones handling your matters in the future. Our selection process is 100% inclusive. We simply don´t care about gender, race, or about any personal choices people may make in their private lives. Within reason, and to the extent of our abilities, everyone showing interest and talent deserves an opportunity at our firm.

We try to help others

You may have never heard about this because we do not publicize it, but we cooperate on a pro-bono basis with some patient associations helping patients who are denied access to some treatments. We also support various NGOs in their efforts to make life better for those in a rather difficult situation.

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